Boost Your Retention Rates by Avoiding Rehires

Hiring takes time, money, and effort. When a hiring decision doesn’t work out and a “rehire” is required, the costs redouble – and so do the headaches. Meanwhile, productivity, employee morale, and retention rates all take a major hit.

Luckily, companies can cut down on the number of times they have to hit “reset” on the hiring process. Here’s how to make the right hiring decision the first time and avoid the need for costly rehiring:

  1. Look for “fit,” not just for skills. It’s easy to get carried away by a dazzling resume or outstanding references. But even a candidate who looks too good to be true on paper won’t be happy in an organization that doesn’t support the candidate’s work style or that doesn’t offer the opportunities for growth or advancement that the candidate is looking for. Make sure the candidate will work well with the team and supervisors he or she will connect with every day.
  2. Balance today’s needs with your company’s long-term goals. It’s important to fill “skills gaps” today so your company has the competencies it needs to operate. When you hire with the long view in mind, however, you can find candidates who will grow with the organization and who have the transferable skills needed to move into leadership roles in the future. When you hire with long-term goals in mind, you make it easier to promote from within, reducing turnover and improving employee motivation. Your recruiter can help you develop a strategic staffing plan that maximizes your opportunities in this area.
  3. Work with a recruiter. Staffing firms specialize in matching candidates with companies, so that companies find the skills they need and candidates find a place that offers a good “fit” for their work style. The result is a relationship that can weather the long term, with candidates offering strong skills and improved productivity in an environment that allows them to thrive. Recruiters keep their clients happy by avoiding “rehires,” so they specialize in helping each company get the hiring process right the first time.

At Marquee Staffing, our recruiters specialize in helping our clients make the right hiring decision the first time, boosting retention and reducing the need to spend time and money on rehires. Contact us today to learn more.