A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: 6 Strategies to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Professionals, companies, and job-seekers alike are flocking to LinkedIn, the top social media site focusing on career connections. If you’re not part of the LinkedIn conversation, you’re missing out!

One way to stand out to employers on LinkedIn and to project a professional image is to build a high-quality LinkedIn profile. Here are six ways to do it:

  1. Add a professional photo. Start with a recent, professional, recognizable photo of yourself. A professional headshot is ideal. Since you’re networking online, a photo helps new contacts put a face to your name and to see you as a valuable member of their own networks – not just a blog they read or a source of useful links.
  2. Create a great headline. LinkedIn gives you 120 characters to “headline” your profile, so make the most of them! If you’re having trouble summing up your professional approach in this space, ask your recruiter for tips.
  3. Use your summary to answer the most popular interview question. Interviewers love to open the floor by asking candidates, “Tell us about yourself.” Your LinkedIn summary can serve the same purpose. Think of it as your “elevator speech” to the world, and use this space to convince other professionals that they want to build a lasting business relationship with you.
  4. Update regularly. Between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. each day, share one work-related, relevant status update: a comment about a current project you’re working on, a new idea, or a link to an article or resource you found useful. It’s an easy opportunity to build your reputation as a resource.
  5. Join groups and connect with past and current contacts. LinkedIn offers over 1.8 million groups, giving you the chance to find one or more that share your professional interests and have a good “vibe.” Get involved in conversations with constructive ideas and comments to start establishing yourself as a valuable resource. And don’t forget to connect with everyone you know on LinkedIn, as well as with companies you’d love to work for!
  6. Provide a call to action. After a hiring manager or other visitor reads your LinkedIn profile, what do you want them to do: add you to their connections on the site? Read your blog? Download your resume? Don’t leave them guessing. Include a call to action that invites them to take your preferred next step and provides the link or other information they need to make it happen.

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