3 Recruiting Sources You Should Take Advantage Of

When it’s time to find new talent, where should you look?

Many companies answer this question by doing what they’ve always done: creating a job posting and seeing which resumes come through the door. To uncover top talent, including “passive” candidates who are already working at a competitor’s firm but who are open to making a job move under the right circumstances, you’ll need to get a bit more creative. Here are three recruiting sources to take advantage of the next time you need top candidates:

Professional Contacts

Where have your hiring managers worked before? Can they recommend professionals in the field who may be out of work or who may have contacted them looking for a change in employment? What about other members of the hiring manager’s professional network – or professional networking contacts from the department in which the new hire will be working?

Everybody knows somebody, and chances are, your hiring manager knows somebody who knows exactly who your next top candidate should be. Leverage your staff and managers’ professional networks to find these potential hires.

Community Organizations

Many professionals volunteer to keep their skills sharp, learn new skills, and to meet like-minded people. Volunteer and community organizations related to the position for which you’re hiring can be gold mines for talented, passionate individuals. Don’t hesitate to reach out to local professional organizations or charities to meet people and share information about your company and its candidate search. You may just find the next great hire.

Recruiting Partners

If you’ve never worked with a staffing firm before, now is the time to start. Recruiting partners use these and other tools to build their own professional networks, and they pride themselves on knowing the top talent in the industry and location they serve. They’re also skilled at evaluating the cultural “fit” between applicants and companies, and they focus on pre-screening the candidates they recommend, which can lead to a better hire for your company in less time.

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