How to Find a Talented Accounting/Finance Recruiter

If you’re looking for a job in accounting or finance in SoCal, you might feel overwhelmed.  There are dozens of job boards to search, several newspapers with ads to skim, multiple professional organizations, and literally thousands of groups on LinkedIn and other social media sites that might help you build your professional network.  Where should you start?

A talented accounting/finance recruiter who specializes in placing people in your field and in your geographic area can be a huge help.  Here’s how to narrow down the field and pick the staffing firm that is best for your needs:

  1. Which fields do the recruiters know best? Recruiters pride themselves on the depth of their knowledge in the fields they serve.  A recruiter who works regularly with accounting and finance professionals knows the job market, knows the key players, and is more likely to hear about prime job openings before anyone else.  Choose a staffing firm where at least one recruiter specializes in placing people in the accounting and finance fields.
  1. Where do the recruiters focus their work? If you’re located in SoCal, you know there are a thousand great reasons to stay connected to our communities here.  While national recruiting firms promise a broad reach, it often comes at the cost of a less thorough knowledge of local companies, cultures, and opportunities.  When you work with a recruiting firm with a local focus, you’re more likely to find staffing partners who build personal connections with accounting and finance departments, firms, and professionals – people who are your neighbors as well as your potential employers.
  1. How many candidates like you does the recruiter place each year? Finally, don’t hesitate to look for a recruiter with a proven track record of placing candidates like you.  While your specific mix of skills, experience, and approach to your work are unique, chances are good that an experienced recruiter has helped staff positions like the one you’re looking for.  A recruiter who knows how professionals at your career stage get hired is one who is well-positioned to help you get hired, too.

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