Can Working Overtime Be Good for Your IT Career?

At some point in any IT developer’s career, he or she will be working overtime to complete a project. Working overtime certainly benefits the project, especially if it gets everyone back on schedule. But working overtime can also benefit your career as a whole.

Here’s how working overtime can be good for your IT career:

  1. It demonstrates your dedication to the project. Whether you’re working on a project, performing maintenance, or cleaning up some everyday development tasks, putting in overtime demonstrates that you’re committed to making the project, system, and department succeed. It communicates to the rest of the company that you want to get the work done and that you understand its importance to the company as a whole. Taking the initiative to stay and do the work trumpets your dedication more loudly than you could ever do in words. (But don’t forget to keep a record of your overtime for your annual performance review!)
  2. It displays a good work ethic. Many managers and executives are frustrated with the number of employees who seem simply to be “punching the clock” and collecting a paycheck. When this is the expectation, it’s easy to rise above the crowd by putting in a little extra time to work hard, make a positive impression, and get the job done.
  3. It improves your position for a promotion. In most companies, the decision to promote an employee is based on a combination of the employee’s experience, ability, and attitude. By working overtime, you gain experience and improve abilities – especially when your overtime makes the crucial difference between a project meeting its deadline or falling behind. Working overtime also establishes that you have the attitude needed to succeed in leadership: You understand that your work fits into a larger picture, and you’re willing to do what it takes to help the entire company succeed. By using overtime to gain experience, ability, and knowledge, and to demonstrate your committed attitude, you position yourself for promotion more effectively than co-workers who don’t seize the opportunity.

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