A Guide for Managing During Tough Transitions

Whether it’s a major restructuring or the departure of a core team member, managers at all levels in a transitioning company face a new set of challenges when the company goes through a transition period. Here are the top tips for managing through a transition to maintain productivity, motivation, and a positive team spirit.

  1. Plan ahead. The anxiety of facing the unexpected can cause managers and workers alike to freeze up. Reduce the damage this fear can cause: Take the time to consider the most likely challenges and to plan ahead to help your team navigate them. Consider contingency plans, but don’t get too wrapped up in the “what ifs”? Instead, focus on how you’re going to tackle the most likely problems.
  2. Respond quickly, but on your own terms. Responding proactively by communicating with your team helps calm anxieties and demonstrate that they have a manager on which they can rely. Do not confuse responding proactively with responding reflexively, however. For instance, if your team members ask “what’s going to happen to us?”, don’t immediately respond with “you’ll be fine, don’t worry about it,” unless you know this to be the case. Instead, be willing to admit what you don’t know: “I’m going to find out this week. I’ll get back to you.” Then, follow through.
  3. Focus on the essentials. In times of uncertainty, your team may not have the resources to pursue all of its current activities – and you should not add undue stress by attempting to do so. Instead, focus on the essential tasks. Ensure that these are covered by the staff members best equipped to handle them and that the resources are available to carry them through. Be willing to dedicate some of your own time to working “in the trenches” in order to build team cohesion and demonstrate that you’re here for your workers.
  4. Get help when needed. Major transitions may require you to replace a staff member once deemed irreplaceable or to find temporary staff with specialized skill sets. By calling on your staffing partner to help with these tasks, you free up time to support your current team and ensure all your bases are covered.

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