How Technology Improves Employee Performance Management

Innovations in technology have finally reached the human resources department – with promising results. Many HR departments are re-engineering their old methods of employee performance management in order to gather more comprehensive data, parse it more effectively, and implement the findings for the benefit of the entire organization.

Here are just a few of the ways in which technology is improving employee performance management:

Better Process Tracking

Technology makes it easy for HR staff to track their own processes and those of the employees they manage. HR staff can ensure that performance reviews and other meetings with employees are completed on schedule, then examine the data across years, managers, departments, and individual employees to spot trends and identify potential problems before they impair productivity. As technology makes tracking easier, HR professionals can focus on training managers to have meaningful dialogues with employees in order to improve performance and clarify expectations.

Identifying Skill Gaps More Quickly

Which skills does your staff have in abundance – and which are sorely lacking? Performance management technology helps companies answer this question in a flash by quantifying skill sets, highlighting which skills are missing and which employees need new or supplemental training in key areas. In the past, skill gaps had to be spotted by individual managers, which took time and ran the risk of a critical gap slipping a busy supervisor’s notice. Now, HR departments can spot gaps and address them more easily, reducing mistakes and downtime.

Coordinating Goals

Every individual, team, and department in the business has its own goals – but do they align with the goals of the organization as a whole?

HR technology makes it easier to throw the organization’s whole weight behind its key goals by allowing managers to better track and “cascade” goals. When goals are coordinated among individuals, teams, and departments, they can more easily be matched to company goals, allowing the whole organization to focus on achieving specific, measurable results in the marketplace. Well-coordinated goals provide a significant advantage over companies that are still allowing goals to be vaguely outlined by department.

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