Tips for Attracting Passive Candidates

The name “passive” candidate is a misnomer. In fact, passive candidates are highly active. They’re top performers, producing outstanding work – usually for your competitors. They’re only “passive” in one way: They are not actively looking for a new job. But they’ll accept an offer from your company, if the culture and opportunities offer a better fit than their current position.

Because these candidates aren’t actively seeking a new job, simply posting your job openings won’t be enough to grab their attention. Here’s how to let passive top-performing candidates know that you offer their next best career opportunity:

  1. Find them where they present their best work. Top candidates don’t go unnoticed in their industries for long. Instead, they stand out as subject-matter experts, often have strong networks of people who have benefited from their work, and present their expertise in any number of venues, from LinkedIn and online portfolios to in-person trade shows and conferences. Use referrals from your top performers to find outstanding passive candidates. Talk to keynote speakers and presenters at conferences. Explore online portfolios and LinkedIn communities to find top prospects.
  2. Raise awareness of your company’s employment brand. Top passive candidates will be more likely to entertain a connection with your hiring manager if they’re aware of your company and what makes it a great place to work. Spread awareness of your employment brand through media articles, speeches at professional events, employee contributions to social media, and more. An added bonus: Raising awareness of your employment brand also helps attract the “active” candidates who offer the best cultural fit with your company.
  3. Work with a recruiter. Staffing firms that specialize in placing professionals in your industry know both the established A-players and the “rising stars.” Chances are good that your staffing partner is already connected to the passive candidate who will offer the best possible fit for your company’s next job opening. Don’t hesitate to work with your recruiter to find passive candidates in less time.

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