Create a More Healthy and Productive Work Culture

It can be difficult to build a strong company culture in the face of short-term deadlines and day-to-day demands – and the impact of your culture may not be instantly apparent on your company’s bottom line. A strong, healthy culture lends itself to greater productivity and reduced turnover, which helps the company do better in both the short and the long term.

Here’s how to build a healthy and productive workplace culture:

Improve communication constantly.

Communication builds human relationships. When employees receive constructive feedback, they do better work. When managers are clear and honest about expectations, they encounter fewer conflicts and get higher-quality results from their teams.

Constantly seek to improve both communication abilities and communication channels within your workplace. And never overlook the potential of new forms of communication – social media and project management software can help people connect in ways that face-to-face meetings don’t.

Seek out top candidates who differ from one another – and from you.

A strong team needs complementary skill sets and complementary personalities. It does not need carbon copies of team members or of leadership, which merely serves to amplify weaknesses and aggravate potential areas of stress and conflict. While seeking candidates who fit well into your company’s culture, look for a range of ability patterns, life backgrounds, and approaches. Your recruiter can help you find people who “fit” without being “cookie-cutter.”

Admit when you’re wrong, and listen.

Managers and leaders must be able to admit that they do not know everything. Being able to admit when you’re wrong allows you to demonstrate that you are a part of the team and that you value your employees’ skills, input, and experience. Being able to admit when they are experiencing a growth moment and to listen honestly to employees’ perspectives and recommendations is one of the marks of a great leader, whether they manage a single team or run the entire company.

Know when to seek help outside the company.

You hire good people for a reason – so you can rely on them when things get tough. Sometimes, however, it’s wise to seek an outside perspective. A staffing firm can help you “see” your company’s culture in a new way and find the right people to strengthen it.

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