Career Tips to Break Into the Medical Device Industry

The medical device industry is expanding rapidly as advances in science, medicine, and technology open up previously unexplored areas of medical care and treatment. For IT professionals, marketing and sales professionals, and others, work in the medical device industry offers the opportunity to track your career growth alongside the growth of a fascinating and fast-paced industry.

If you’ve never worked in a medical-related field before, here are some tips for positioning yourself as a desirable candidate to hiring managers:

  1. Emphasize specific accomplishments. Use your resume to highlight specific accomplishments that can translate well to the medical device industry. Whenever you can, quantify your results by citing specific, concrete numbers: “Increased B2B sales by 10 percent in the first quarter of 2015” or “Upgraded networks across three workplaces and 1,200 individual workstations.” These numbers clarify what you’ve done and show how your work can be valuable in a new industry.
  2. Demonstrate your willingness to learn. The medical device industry moves fast. Even experienced professionals with years of service in the field are constantly learning about new techniques, products, and research that make the next wave of medical advances possible. The ability and willingness to learn is a must for anyone in the medical device industry, so showcase your passion for knowledge by emphasizing recent classes you have taken, certifications you’ve earned, or hobbies you’ve jumped into for the first time.
  3. Work with a recruiter who knows the industry. Staffing firms specialize in connecting with the industries they serve, which makes your recruiter a contact who can introduce you to many key players in the medical device industry. Choose a staffing firm that places candidates in this industry, and let your recruiter know that you’re interested in working there. Your recruiter will help you prepare application materials and interview answers that will demonstrate you’re a great candidate for medical device companies to consider – even if you have no specific experience in the field just yet.

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