2016 Southern California Staffing Guide

Southern California remains one of the fastest-growing areas of the country, and businesses that call SoCal home are often fighting to find and recruit the best new talent. To improve your company’s staffing and reach your business goals in the upcoming year, employ these tips and best practices:

Look backward.

Start by looking at your staffing plan and new hires in the past year. What worked well? Where were the obstacles or delays, and why did they happen? Did any unexpected challenges occur, and if so, how well do you think you handled them? How are your newest hires doing as part of the team?

The answers to these questions can help you focus on improving staffing practices in the coming year.

Look forward.

What are your business’s goals for 2016? What skills will your staff need to have to fulfill those goals? Do you have the capabilities you need, or does your growth depend on adding new people to handle the increased workload?

Before you start to plan, have a clear goal in mind. Pursuing a clear goal is more likely to yield better results.

Recruit smarter.

Simply posting a job ad and waiting to see which resumes trickle in is one way to fill an important position – but it is not the most effective or efficient way. Instead, increase the tools in your recruitment toolbox. Use the Internet to seek out the work of the top talent in your local area and to communicate with these individuals as a professional peer as well as a potential employer. Attend conferences, seminars, and job fairs to meet promising candidates.

Talk to your staffing firm regularly.

Your staffing partner can help you improve every stage of the staffing process, from recruitment to onboarding. The more frequently you “touch base” with your staffing partner to provide feedback and share information, the better equipped your staffing firm is to recommend candidates who offer both the technical skill and personality “fit” to reach their maximum productivity on your team.

At Marquee Staffing, our recruiters work to recommend the best local top talent to our SoCal clients. To learn how we can help you staff smarter in 2016, contact us today.