How to Attract and Hire Passive Candidates in the Medical Device Industry

The medical device industry is booming as new research and new applications of existing devices are uncovered and developed into the means to treat a wide range of pressing medical conditions. Since company need for these medical device professionals is currently outpacing available talent, being able to find great candidates is a must.

If job postings aren’t giving you the candidates you need, consider seeking out “passive” candidates – those professionals who aren’t actively looking for a job, but who would consider a new position if it were the right fit for them. Here’s how to let passive candidates know your company values them:

Understand what these candidates want.

The best passive candidates are usually doing outstanding work for their current employers. As a result, they’re probably being paid competitively, and according to one LinkedIn survey, most of them aren’t merely looking for better pay. Instead, passive candidates value a better work-life balance, more opportunities for advancement, and a culture that is a better fit for their personality and approach to work.

Use social media to your advantage.

Social media works to recruit passive candidates in two ways: It lets you build a company brand that attracts the right people, and it enables you to reach out and build relationships with potential candidates before extending them an offer to interview.

Build your employment brand by using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other tools to tell the story of your company’s personality, mission, and goals. Include examples of recent successes, outstanding employee work, and other accomplishments to attract candidates who value the same achievements.

Then, use social media to reach out to top performers in the field. Connect with them on LinkedIn, follow their Twitter or Facebook feeds, and learn all you can about their work while sharing information and ideas to position your company as a “thought leader” they’d like to join.

Talk to your recruiter.

Recruiters succeed in finding better candidates because they know the industry and its many talented members like no one else. Your recruiter has connections with a number of passive candidates. And if your recruiter doesn’t know the best person for the job “off the top of their head,” they’ll find them!

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