4 Ways to Vet Job Candidates in Southern California

On top of your latest pile of resumes are several that really stood out.  These candidates look like great potential hires – but how do you determine whether the person matches the paperwork?

It’s important to vet candidates.  And it’s valuable to do so before you extend offers for interviews, so you can spend that one-on-one time getting to know the person instead of delving into their background.  Here are four ways to vet job candidates effectively:

Background Checks

A background check will give you a view of the candidate’s prior conflicts with the law – if any.  While not all criminal records or credit foibles spell disaster for an otherwise qualified candidate, it’s important to keep an eye out for anything that your employment policy (or state or federal law) expressly prohibits, such as allowing individuals convicted of certain crimes to work near children.

Reference Checks

What a background check won’t tell you is how the person handles day-to-day job tasks or conflicts with others.  But a good reference check often will.  Consider creating a short list of uniform questions to ask every reference to which you speak.  This will make it easier to compare their answers and determine whether you consider them trustworthy.

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude testing offers the opportunity to do two things: Evaluate a candidate’s current skills and give you a “skills profile” that can help determine whether the candidate’s growth potential is a good fit for your projected needs.  The uniform results reporting format allows you to compare candidates to one another more easily.

Work With Your Recruiter

Screening candidates is valuable – but it takes time.  When you ask your recruiter to take on these tasks, you gain an experienced ally who can screen candidates while you focus on day-to-day work.  Then, you can interview the candidates your recruiter recommends with confidence in their suitability for the role.

At Marquee Staffing, our recruiters can tackle many of the tasks needed to vet candidates.  With a clear understanding of your needs and company culture in mind, we can match candidates to your business more quickly, allowing you to find better hires in less time.  Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services in Carlsbad and beyond.