5 Characteristics to Look for in a SoCal IT Staffing Firm

Many companies in SoCal rely on their IT staff for everything from organizing the office computer system to keeping proprietary data safe from hackers.  But when your ordinary methods of finding new talent aren’t turning up the quality and experience you’re looking for, where do you start?

Partnering with the right recruiting firm can make the difference between candidates who are “good enough” and candidates who are outstanding in their field.  Here are five things to look for when choosing an IT staffing firm:


Many nationwide staffing firms boast a large field of potential candidates – but how many of those IT professionals really want to relocate to SoCal?  By working with a staffing firm that knows the area well, you tap into a network of local professionals who are already settled here.

Industry Knowledge

The best recruiters do more than merely keep a list of names or scan resumes.  They spend their time learning all they can about the industries they serve.  The right recruiter will know the names of the key players and the “rising stars” in local, regional, and national businesses, allowing them to find great people in less time.

Depth of Candidate Field

How well is your company’s recruiting strategy targeting “passive candidates” – those individuals who aren’t actively looking for a job, but who would make a switch if the right position opened up?

Staffing firms specialize in knowing the industries they serve, in part so they can identify and connect with top IT professionals who are open to an offer from a company that offers better development opportunities, better compensation, or just a better cultural fit.

Understanding of Strategic Staffing

When you need to find a new IT staff member now, it’s tough to think ahead.  A good recruiter does just that.  When choosing an IT staffing firm, ask the staff about their approach to long-term strategic staffing and planning.


Communication is the backbone of any recruiter-client relationship.  The more questions your recruiter asks and the more feedback you provide, the better the results.  Look for a staffing firm that thrives on regular communication and that asks about your company – not just the industry in general.

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