From Employee to Manager: Shifting Your Career Into a Managerial Role

As a tech professional, you’ve mastered the art of writing code, building websites or helping others solve technical issues. You’re passionate about your work, but now that you’ve spent at least a few years on the job, you’re ready for something more.

Holding a managerial role is a huge responsibility and frankly something that’s not the right fit for everyone, so you have to prove you’re up to the challenge. Until this point in your career, advancement has always been about flexing your tech skills, but priming yourself for a management position is a different story. Preparing for a role of this nature involves having a positive attitude, treating others with respect and putting the needs of the company before your own.

5 Ways to Transition from Tech Employee to Tech Manager

Put these five tips into action to prove you’re ready to take on the role of tech manager.

  1. Take Initiative. Don’t just say you’re management material — prove it. Take the summer intern under your wing, lead meetings and offer to cover while your boss is on vacation.
  2. Become a Problem Solver. Tech problems can be incredibly complex and frustrating, but instead of backing down and letting someone else handle it, take charge and guide the team to success.
  3. Display Unwavering Professionalism. Most of your colleagues are probably great, but constantly bickering with even one nemesis can make you look like an amateur. Find a way to rise above all office conflict and treat everyone with respect.
  4. Motivate the Team. When the same bug keeps plaguing your system or a demanding stakeholder never seems to be satisfied with a new site you’re building, it’s easy for your team to become discouraged. Position yourself as the person who finds the good in every situation and motivates the team to keep working towards a solution.
  5. Dress to Impress. The way you dress has a direct impact on the manner in which you’re perceived. Even if your company has a casual dress code, take your wardrobe up a notch to help others envision you as management material.

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