How to Keep Your Staff Engaged and Productive This Summer

Outside your office windows, summer’s sunshine, warm weather, fresh breezes and long days beckon.  How can you keep yourself and your staff on task when summer fun calls? Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Go outside (sometimes). Hold a meeting outside at least once a week. Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight helps the body generate vitamin D, which has numerous health benefits, as well as boosting mood. And since wireless technology makes it easy to head outside, it makes sense to move outdoors when you can to enjoy the weather and take advantage of the benefits of movement, a change of scenery and the sun.
  2. Set up a summer tournament or project. Summer 2016 is a great time to start a new tradition: A summer tournament or project that employees can participate in to get them moving and encourage cooperation or some friendly competition. Tournaments can be work-related in many departments, or you can add a sports element. Projects might include charity walks, building houses or other needed structures, or similar events.
  3. Fill the picnic urge with Friday lunches. Set up Friday picnic or barbecue lunches with multiple departments participating. You’ll get outside, enjoy the summer, and encourage employees to talk to one another in a more casual setting – contributing to team building and a shared sense of purpose as well as developing a better understanding across departments.
  4. Get flexible (especially on Fridays). Leaving work even an hour early on Friday can feel like an entire vacation for employees who are yearning to get outdoors – and the promise of a “vacation” can encourage them to push harder to ensure everything is finished so they can get out the door an hour early. During the rest of the week, be willing to entertain more flexible schedules and remote-work options so employees can get their work finished without feeling stifled.

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