7 Signs of a Reputable Staffing Firm in Southern California

Beautiful, sunny SoCal is full of talented candidates and companies competing to acquire them.  It’s also full of staffing firms, some of which are more reliable than others.

How can you know you’ve chosen the staffing company that’s right for you?  Look for these seven signs of a reputable staffing firm:

  1. They have a great reputation. Check online ratings and reviews. Talk to others in your industry about the staffing firms they trust.  A reputable firm will have positive feedback that reflects its ability to “fit” outstanding candidates with company culture.
  2. They have a strong local presence. If your company is located in SoCal, the people most likely to stay with you for the long term also have lives, families and roots in the area. A staffing firm with a national reach may have a good reputation, but it may not have the experience with local professionals that a locally focused firm cultivates.
  3. They have a track record of success. Staffing firms exist to place candidates with companies – and to provide qualified candidates who offer a good cultural fit with the company’s existing staff. Find out how well the staffing firm does at this core responsibility.
  4. They have experience in your market. How long have the recruiters worked in your industry? What’s their background in the industry – did they hold a job in it before making the switch to staffing?  When recruiters have experience in your industry, they also have knowledge, connections, and insight – all of which you need.
  5. When you ask for candidates that match your requirements, they can show you. A reliable staffing firm can correctly match potential candidates’ experience and skill sets to your job requirements. When you ask for a candidate with a specific skill set, they provide options with those capabilities.  There’s no “close enough” or “well, we tried.”
  6. They want to know what you need. The best staffing firms get to know each client’s needs on an individual basis. Whether you’re struggling with high turnover, can’t find the right skill sets in candidates, or need a long-term staffing plan, your staffing firm will focus on finding out what you need and responding with solutions.
  7. They’re accessible. Are the firm’s offices easy to reach? Can you reach a staffing partner via telephone, email, text or other means?  How quickly does the staffing firm respond when you contact them?  Being able to talk to your recruiter quickly when you need help is a must.

At Marquee Staffing, our recruiters strive to provide outstanding service to each of our clients, and it shows.  Contact us today to learn more about our Southern California recruiting services.