7 Questions to Expect in a Temporary Job Interview

In a temp job interview, employers want to know if you’ve got the skills and experience they need, and that your personality will “mesh” well with the company’s culture – just like in a traditional interview.  However, they also want to know whether you’re the right fit for the contract position.

Here are seven common questions asked in temp job interviews. Prepare your answers to these to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Are you more interested in a long-term or a short-term placement? While your answer may depend on your actual interests and plans, it is best not to sound as if a short-term job is a stopgap – or something you’ll abandon if something better comes along. “What’s important is I find a position in which I can use and expand my skills” is one good option.
  2. Who are your ideal co-workers? Employers want to know whether you’ll be a good “fit” with the existing team. List two or three qualities you prize in your co-workers, like communication, focus on detail, or punctuality. Never complain about how past co-workers failed to measure up!
  3. How easily do you adapt to a new environment? Temp workers must “hit the ground running.” Here, it’s wise to focus on any specific things you need in order to do your best work quickly. For instance, you might answer “As long as I have a clear explanation of what needs to be done, I can work well in any new environment.”
  4. What interests you about working a temp job? Temp work isn’t for everyone – and employers know it. Consider offering options like “I want to focus on a particular project,” “I’d like to meet new people,” or “I’m exploring the options in this industry.”
  5. Which of your personality traits make you well suited to temp work? Think about how your personality traits help you when you enter a new job and describe how those traits benefit you and the employer. For instance, if you learn quickly, you might say “I’m a quick study, so I can start contributing to the team very early in the process.”
  6. If we were to offer you a permanent position, would you take it? If the answer is “Yes!” don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm. Explain why the answer is “yes” and why you’re enthusiastic – for instance, “Yes! I believe my particular skills will be very beneficial in helping the company reach its goals.” If you’re not sure, say so constructively: “Assuming I’m a good fit with the rest of the team, I believe so.”
  7. How well do you learn and follow new rules or ways of doing things? Some temporary workers have trouble adapting to the way this company wants the job done. Focus on the strengths you have that will allow you to learn new rules and follow them.

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