4 Strategies to Help You Maximize Your Relationship With Your Recruiter

Working with a recruiter offers a number of benefits.  You gain an ally who has a deep knowledge of the job market in SoCal; personal connections to many companies and employers; and a keen understanding of how to position yourself so your talents stand out from the crowd.

To reap the benefits of this relationship, however, you’ll need to take a few specific steps.  Here are four ways to maximize your relationship with your recruiter:

  1. Come prepared. Before you meet with your recruiter, spend time deciding what you want in your next job – not just the day-to-day tasks or big projects, but the workspace, the people and the pace of the work as well. Think about which traits stood out in the best and worst bosses you’ve had.  This information helps your recruiter connect you with a job that truly offers the right “fit” for you.
  2. Treat your recruiter meeting like an interview. When you meet with your recruiter, she is evaluating how you present yourself and how comfortable and confident you are – so act accordingly. Dress in clean, conservative interview clothes, come prepared with copies of your cover letters and resume, and be ready to give thoughtful answers to questions.  Then, use your recruiter’s feedback to further refine your interview skills.
  3. Respond promptly. When your recruiter contacts you with a promising job opening or other information, respond promptly. Job openings move fast in SoCal, so the faster you get back to your recruiter, the more likely you are to land the best interviews – and the more you demonstrate you can be trusted to communicate promptly.
  4. Follow up (and stay in touch). Whether it’s an interview you just attended or a job offer you’ve accepted, always follow up with your recruiter – even if your recruiter didn’t land you the interview or the job! Following up helps your recruiter know where to go next.  After you find the job of your dreams, stay in touch with your recruiter to keep your professional network sharp and get the “inside scoop” on your industry.

At Marquee Staffing, our recruiters help connect job seekers with some of the best employers in SoCal.  Contact us today to start getting the most from your relationship with your recruiter.