Don’t Overlook These Characteristics When Hiring

When you’re hiring, you want to find someone with the skills and experience to do the job well. But to find a candidate who will thrive in your workplace, enhance your team and boost productivity, you’ll need to think past the technical demands of the job.

Here are the essential characteristics to look for when hiring someone to join your team:

Ability to Take Direction

An employee who can accept coaching, learn from feedback and make the needed changes to avoid mistakes and perform better is one who will produce better work. Look for candidates who can discuss their past mistakes and accept feedback without becoming defensive or taking the feedback personally.  Asking “When have you failed and what did you learn?” is an easy way to see how candidates have taken direction in the past.


When it comes to completing a task, desire beats ability every time. Avoid hiring people who can do, but don’t. Instead, look for people with the drive and motivation to complete tasks, even if they don’t have the specific technical skills. Motivation drives learning as well as achievement – which means the motivated staff member will learn the needed skills, while an unmotivated one will not.


Does the candidate seek to understand where other people are coming from, see things from their perspective and look for solutions that work for everyone involved? If so, put that candidate at the top of your list. Empathy not only helps smooth teamwork and communication, it provides the insight necessary for major innovative breakthroughs in every field, from customer service and product design to human resources or web development.

Cultural Fit

Many managers write off the phrase “cultural fit” as a mere buzzword. But when a new hire doesn’t mesh well with the existing team and the company’s values and goals, the results are disastrous for both the employee and the company. Look for people who fit well with your current environment in order to find employees who can focus on their work and feel confident in performing as part of the team.

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