10-Minute Guide to Researching a Potential Employer

When you show up to an interview, the employer expects you to know about the company and why you want to work there – and if you want the job, you won’t disappoint them. Here is our “quick start” guide to researching a potential employer.

Review your notes.

When you applied for the job, you probably did some preliminary research in order to see how the job fit into the company’s operations, what the company’s mission and goals were, and what they value most in their employees. Take a minute or two to review your notes from this initial research mission.  Circle anything you want to look into in more depth.

Skim the company’s website (again).

The first time you looked at the company’s website, you were probably working on revising your resume or drafting a cover letter. This time, dive in with the goal of answering the questions you pinpointed when you were reviewing your notes. If you have no questions, reread the website with the goal of answering the question: “What can I do for this employer? How can I help them be better at what they are most proud of?”

Check out LinkedIn.

Look up the company on LinkedIn, as well as employees who currently work for the company or who did so in the past. Pay attention to the employees’ career paths. Have they been regularly promoted within the company, or do they all seem to hit a certain “ceiling,” then move to another company? Their profiles will tell you a great deal about how the company creates opportunities for growth for its people (or doesn’t).

While you’re at it, look for people you may know who work for the company, but with whom you haven’t connected on LinkedIn. Send them an invitation to connect. You’ll expand your network to include people at the company who can be valuable resources as you prepare for your interview.

Talk to your recruiter.

Your staffing partner has the “inside scoop” on a number of companies in your area. Talk to them about this company’s culture, its expectations and what you can do to give the best interview of your life.

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