6 Job Searching Habits That Are Holding You Back

It’s easy to get into a routine during your job search. But if your routine is based on old habits, or if you haven’t thought through the process, you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

Here are six job search habits that may be holding you back and how to break them:

  1. Using form letters. Form letters and generalized resumes may seem like time-savers, but they are more likely to land at the bottom of a hiring manager’s “to call” list – meaning they are wasting more time than they save. Take the time to send fewer applications and tailor each one to the specific job.  You’ll get more responses, which will improve your chances of finding the best new job.
  2. Ignoring your personal brand. What do you stand for? What value does your unique background bring to the job?  When you ignore these two questions in your applications, you become “just another resume” instead of the candidate everyone wants to interview.  Focus on these points to stand out in the minds of hiring managers.
  3. Skipping social media. If you’re not participating on LinkedIn and checking out your dream employers on social media, you’re missing out. Many companies post their job openings on social media, and they also use LinkedIn to search for candidates.  Update your profiles, clean them up, and post something new at least once per week.
  4. Getting stuck in a rut. Returning to the same old job boards every day is going to continue to net the same old results. Instead, switch up your search by rotating your options.  For instance, look at online job boards on Monday, read the want ads on Tuesday, and wander down to the local college to look at their career services’ offices postings on Wednesday.
  5. Going it alone. While your personal network can be a great help in finding a new job, if you stick only to friends and colleagues, you’re missing a key opportunity. Team up with a recruiter who places candidates in your field in order to find the best job postings and get personalized help in your job search.

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