Understanding What Type of Staffing You Need

You know you need talented people, and you need them quickly.  But what do you need them for – and what type of staffing will address your needs most efficiently while keeping costs under control?

These are big questions.  Luckily, staffing firms specialize in helping clients answer them.

Here, we offer a “quick guide” to understanding the type of staffing you need.  For answers to your specific staffing questions, don’t hesitate to contact your staffing partner today.

Contract Staff

Contract staff work for a specific period of time on a specific task.  Often, they possess specific, highly specialized credentials relevant to the projects they tackle.  Consider contract workers when you have a specialized project that needs to be completed, and when the capabilities required to do it well aren’t well represented on your own team.

Temporary/Seasonal Staff

While temporary or seasonal staff also work for a specific period of time, they may or may not work on a specific project.  Rather, their purpose may be to supplement your core staff, to help manage overflow work, or to handle an influx of customers and questions during a specific season.  Qualified temp and seasonal staff are often available and a great way to meet customers’ needs while controlling staffing costs.

“Temp-to-Perm” Staff

“Temp-to-perm” is the “try before you buy” of the recruiting world.  In a temp-to-perm situation, you work with a new employee on a temporary basis with the understanding that both of you are entering a “trial period” with one another.  If the fit is right and the need remains, you can always extend a long-term job offer to the staff member.

Direct Hire Staff

Direct hire staffing is the type of hiring most managers know best: Seeking out a qualified person for a long-term employment relationship.  When you work with a staffing partner, you can speed up the direct hire process by gaining help with screening resumes and speaking to references.  Your staffing partner will also strive to recommend the direct hire candidates that offer the best personality and cultural “fit” with your team and company, as well as the skills you need.

At Marquee Staffing, our experienced recruiters can help you determine what type of staff will best fulfill your needs and find the best SoCal talent to fill those positions.  Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services in Orange County and beyond.