Radio Silence After Applying to a Job? Here’s What to Do

You found a job posting from an incredible company, polished your cover letter and resume, and sent in your application well before the deadline – and heard nothing.

Unfortunately, this scenario is far too common.  However, it doesn’t mean your prospects with this great potential employer are hopeless.  Here’s what to do if you’ve heard nothing from an employer that genuinely interests you:

Send another follow-up.

If the employer offered a date by which they would contact applicants, but you have heard nothing, send a follow-up as soon as you can after the posted date has passed.  If the employer never mentioned when they might follow up, a week is often an appropriate amount of time to wait before contacting the employer.

Send a follow-up email politely asking the employer for an update on the status of your application and an expectation about when a decision might be made.  Note the date and time you send this message on your calendar so you can keep track of it.  You can follow up again a week later if the job is really important, or move on.

Learn what you can about the delay.

Do you have a friend who works at the same company?  Ask if they can shed some light on why you haven’t heard back.  Call your recruiter to ask if they have any information – and, at the same time, see if they can speak up on your behalf.  Use the internet to check on the company’s website or the hiring manager’s LinkedIn profile to learn anything that will help reassure you, or you can use to reach out and get the process moving again.

Keep looking.

As you wait for a follow-up message, keep searching for other opportunities.  This will help distract you from the radio silence and stay up to date on what is available in your area and industry.  Waiting on an employer who is leaving you hanging is a great way to miss another opportunity from an employer who will respond promptly.

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