How to Speed up Your Hiring Process

With 2017 just around the corner, now is a great time to review your hiring processes from the past year and find ways to streamline them in order to recruit better talent in the year ahead.

In a tight hiring market, speed is key – but no company wants to speed up the process so much that a hiring decision becomes a hiring mistake.  Here’s how to speed up your hiring process to ensure you can still identify the best candidate for the job and that candidate doesn’t slip through your fingers before you can extend an offer:

Update your job posting procedures.

Mobile job seeking has become the number-one way top talent looks for work in SoCal, and mobile hiring platforms offer many benefits for the companies that use them as well.

While you’re making the switch to mobile, update your job descriptions so they clearly and concisely describe the actual day-to-day demands of the job. This will help you find candidates whose abilities match those needs and who are genuinely interested in the job.

Contact your staffing partner.

The more regularly you communicate with your staffing partner, the easier it is to streamline your hiring process. Your staffing partner can help you post openings in the best places to find the right talent, pre-screen candidates for abilities and cultural “fit,” check references, and more. By the time your staffing partner recommends a candidate, you can trust that that candidate will make a good addition to your team – allowing you to focus on finding the best of an elite bunch.

Set a schedule, share it and stick to it.

Create a schedule for hiring each new person you add to your team. Before you begin extending invitations to interviews, calendar when interviews will take place, when the hiring team will discuss each candidate and the date by which you will get back to the candidate with news. Then, hold yourself accountable to this schedule by sharing it with the candidate. You’ll help keep the candidate engaged and speed up your own hiring process.

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