Southern California Jobs: 7 Tips for Finding a Job

As 2017 begins, many Southern California professionals are looking for new jobs.  Whether you’re currently out of work or are considering a switch to a new position or employer, here’s how to run a more efficient and effective job search:

  1. Ask “why?” The what, where and how much of hiring are big questions – and they do matter. But in order to sell yourself to a dream employer, you’ll also need to ask why the employer is hiring.  When you find the “pain points” the employer is trying to address, show how your skills will fix the problem – and increase your chances of being chosen.
  2. Answer, “What’s in it for us?” Every hiring manager wants to know how hiring a particular candidate will help the team, the department and the organization. Answer this question to build the hiring manager’s confidence that you’re the one for the job.
  3. Put your accomplishments front and center. Instead of merely repeating the list of skills and credentials posted in the job ad, weave these into a story about how you used or built your capabilities by successfully fixing a problem or achieving a goal. This will demonstrate not only that you can do the job, but you know how to do it well.
  4. Network personally. Handing out a hundred business cards to relative strangers may feel productive, but our best connections come from those who already know and like us. Get together with a personal or professional connection once a week to talk about work over coffee, lunch or a walk.
  5. Know what you want. What’s your dream job? How does your dream boss act at work?  Who are your ideal co-workers?  Conversely, what jobs, supervisors or co-workers have you disliked working with?  When you know what you want, it’s much easier to get it.
  6. Know what you’re worth. A competitive job market means competitive salaries and compensation packages, too. When you  know what your skills are worth, you’re in a better position to negotiate for a salary that compensates you properly for your work.  Your recruiter can help you ensure you have the latest numbers.
  7. Work with a recruiter. Recruiters specialize in matching candidates with employers and job openings that offer a good fit for their work style, career goals and capabilities. Your recruiter is a great source of insider information and a strong ally to have on the job search.

At Marquee Staffing, our SoCal-based recruiters are here to help you find a great new job in the new year.  Contact us today to learn more about our available jobs in Orange County and beyond!