4 Strategies for Improving Staff Retention in 2017

When it comes to your staff, finding great candidates is only half the battle.  The other half is keeping them.

“Recruiting” and “retention” are often mentioned together because they are two sides of the same coin.  When you pay careful attention to your recruiting practices, you can choose people who are more likely to contribute positively to building your company’s culture.  In turn, your culture becomes one that encourages people to stay.

Here are four ways to improve your staff retention in 2017:

  1. Sell your organization’s culture. Do your recruiting and employment branding materials put your company’s culture front and center? If not, it’s time for an update.  By sharing and selling your company’s culture, you automatically attract candidates who offer a better fit within that culture.  A better fit means more productivity, more happiness and a desire to stay put instead of looking for a new job.
  2. Screen for fit. By the time you extend interview offers, you’ve probably determined the candidates at the top of your list have the skills needed to learn the ropes and succeed on the job. Don’t waste your limited interview time covering the same ground.  Instead, focus on learning more about how the candidate approaches their work, what they look for in a good boss, and what their career plans are.  Choose the candidate whose answers to these questions fit well with your company’s practices and people.
  3. Reduce stress among your team members. Stress is a physical and mental reaction to a situation in which we feel the demands of the task are too big for the resources we have to meet them.  Help reduce stress among your team members by asking where they feel their available resources fall short, and meet their needs.  Consider all necessary resources; not just tools and information, but time, focus and attention as well.  Reducing stress boosts productivity, improves the quality of the results and lessens the chances that staff will attempt to reduce their own stress by looking for a new job.
  4. Talk to your recruiter about retention. Staffing firms know how to connect their clients to top-quality candidates who offer a great fit; however, their expertise doesn’t end with the job offer. Work with your recruiter to improve retention as well.  Your staffing partner can offer strategies custom-tailored to your company’s culture and help you hire people that offer a better “fit” without breaking your budget.

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