Working With Veterans: What Every Employer Needs To Know

The right employees bring creativity, wisdom and expertise to the roles they fill, and veterans frequently tick the boxes in all those areas. Rigorously trained and then exposed to challenging situations and harsh environments, military veterans arrive home with much to offer.

Because of their experiences, veterans often make excellent leaders. Swift, pragmatic decision-making skills, resourcefulness and resilience all emerge as great civilian traits after time spent in service.

Hiring managers may want to seek legal or human resource advice before proceeding with a targeted campaign to employ veterans at any business. Several agencies in Orange County offer resources for both employers and vets.

As well as contributing positively in new roles at companies, veterans also help businesses by making them eligible for specific tax credits. Businesses that hire an unemployed veteran can claim a Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). The maximum Returning Heroes tax credit for each able-bodied veteran is $5,600. Wounded Warriors tax credits for veterans with service-related disabilities can be as much as $9,600 per person.

Human resource and accounting managers can get more information about tax credits by visiting the Department of Labor website and reading the PATH Act – WOTC Interim Instructions document. You can also read IRS Notice 2016-22 or contact the WOTC Authorization Center at the California Employment Development Department in Sacramento.

Hiring managers and recruiting staff have the power to offer veterans the chance to use expertise on the ground, right here in Orange County. Under the right circumstances, veterans thrive and continue to make invaluable contributions to their communities, their families and their employers.

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