Looking For A Job In Southern California? Check Out These Habits That Will Land You An Interview

The first real hurdle to clear when looking for a job in Southern California is landing that first interview. In fields as diverse as accounting, engineering, human resources or customer service, if job seekers can’t talk to a hiring manager, their search may not be fruitful.

Take a look at some habits worth developing to help land job interviews:

Answer The Phone

Job seekers must answer the phone professionally every time it rings and avoid letting unrecognized numbers roll to voicemail. The number of a hiring manager or job recruiter won’t always come with an Orange County area code, even if the job is local.

Keep Networking

Sometimes, the best way for job seekers to land interviews is through social or professional acquaintances that can connect them with employers. Attending local and industry events, working with others on volunteer projects, having coffee with friends or lunch with family or checking in regularly on social media networks.

Applicants might also leverage connections through college alumni groups or connect with other professionals via industry association memberships.

Stay Current In The Field

Job seekers must keep up-to-date in their fields to remain relevant to employers. Consider taking seminars, attending industry conferences and reading the latest books and articles. Job applicants who are on top of business trends can craft more intriguing cover letters and be well-prepared for interviews when they come.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

It’s easy to get caught up in negativity when looking for work, especially for job seekers who are around other people in the same situation. As job seekers and friends experience rejections or missed opportunities, they might harp on what went wrong instead of looking for ways to increase success. When applicants are supported by encouraging people, they’re more likely to exude the confidence required to land interviews.

Get Ready

Job seekers who are working to land an interview can make great use of downtime by prepping for the interview itself. Work with a career coach or team up with a partner to role-play interview questions and answers. Recording and listening to yourself can also ensure you’re ready when employers call.

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