Five IT Careers In Orange County

Information Technology presents a host of opportunities in California, and Orange County is no exception. From technology repair to server maintenance, computer and technology specialists can find a job whether they enjoy working face-to-face with the public or behind the scenes.

The Information Technology industry changes constantly, but some career options in the sector seem to have staying power:

Computer Scientist

Job seekers that enjoy laser-focused work on one component at a time might want to consider computer science. These professionals create and apply complex mathematical models to enhance processors, motherboards and other components, and most computer science positions do require a four-year degree or two-year certificate from a specialty program.

Software Developer

Software developers work by themselves or in teams to produce web-based tools, mobile apps, productivity software and video games. Applicants that know how to write code and can work with programming languages like SQL, HTML and JavaScript can typically find work in software development. Because software essentially connects people with their machines, developers work closely with clients, colleagues and even the general public.

Tech Support

Customer service-oriented, friendly and patient, tech support “gurus” are an essential part of the Information Technology world. Customers may call you with general inquiries about their home computers, or you might work with one particular software suite. Many companies staff internet chat portals for customers who prefer to type rather than talk on the phone.

Systems Analyst

Systems analysts develop à la carte solutions for companies that want to expand Information Technology resources. Job seekers with a solid business background and an in-depth understanding of software development could find a new career in this field. Systems analysts use business knowledge and programming prowess to craft cost-effective and highly efficient databases, programs and apps for both small and large firms.

Network Engineer

Network engineering demands a robust understanding of programming, back-end software development and other complex factors. Network engineers are the first responders when computer disasters happen: when systems go down completely in the middle of the night, engineers go to work. To succeed, applicants need to know digital disaster recovery methods, code-writing skills, security protocols and other technology skills.

Perhaps you enjoy customer service-oriented tasks; maybe you prefer to craft algorithms and develop brand new programs. Either way, qualified job seekers can find a fulfilling Information Technology career in Orange County.

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