How To Recruit & Retain Millennials

Millennials have a reputation for being tech-savvy individuals who are very career focused. This new generation of workers is said to be the most educated in history and also the hardest to recruit because of their requirements of flexibility, engagement and use of technology. Check out three ways recruiters can attract this new generation of top-talent without compromising their work standard.

Be Flexible

Unless it’s absolutely necessary for employees to work a normal 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. schedule, consider offering flextime. One of the main considerations for millennials choosing a job is the flexibility of the work schedule.

Millennials don’t want to be cooped up in the office all day. By offering flexible schedules and/or the ability to work remotely a few days per week, employers can attract more candidates.

This doesn’t mean companies must allow employees to pick and choose when it’s time to work. Instead, offer a compromise that makes applicants happy while fulfilling business needs.

Create An Engaging Workplace

Millennials are not as lackadaisical as people might assume. They can be known to become bored faster than people from previous generations. Creating a workplace environment that’s engaging is a great way to get millennials on board.

Consider creating an open work environment instead of orderly cubicles that are assigned to each employee. Fill the space with long or round tables that seat multiple people and help encourage collaboration between staff.

Try Texting

To many millennials, text is the new email. Instead of telling potential job candidates that you’ll call or email them in a few days, let them know to expect a text about the opportunity. It’s a simple gesture, but it shows millennial applicants that the human resource department can work with them on terms agreeable to the applicant.

Employers that look to recruit millennials must ensure their company stands out. Don’t go overboard trying to appeal to millennial applicants, but learn how to be more flexible and speak their language.

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