How Your Network Can Help You Land Your Next Job

Job seekers in the market for a new career often turn to local and online listings. In a competitive market, applying through traditional job channels pits applicants against hundreds of others vying for the same position.

Career experts claim that the vast majority of job openings are never advertised. Instead these highly sought after jobs are filled through word-of-mouth and networking with the right people. Networking is invaluable for personal career growth, and job seekers can engage with their circle of friends and professional relationships to support their advancements or find a new position.

Collaborate With Colleagues

Friends and coworkers can help job seekers, but it’s important to remember that networking isn’t a one-sided activity. Leaning too heavily on social and professional friendships without giving back can be seen as tacky and could reduce the potential benefits of connections. Individuals on the job hunt can engage in active collaboration by:

• Exchanging information about job openings
• Working with colleagues to role-play in preparation for interviews
• Listening to and providing advice to others who are also seeking a new position
• Attending workshops or job fairs with friends
• Being an active part of a mentoring relationship

Collaboration doesn’t just keep job seekers relevant within social and professional circles. Active participation also highlights a person’s skills and teamwork abilities and keeps him or her in practice with interpersonal relationships.

Leveraging Your Network

Many times, potential applicants miss out on opportunities because they didn’t leverage all possible connections, including social media profiles and family. Job seekers can widen job-hunt circles by:

• Letting extended family know they are looking
• Posting about the job hunt on personal social networks such as Facebook
• Updating LinkedIn and other professional profiles with targeted information
• Posting resumes on online hiring boards
• Attending local events at colleges, libraries, and businesses

Staying involved in networks and letting others know about a job search helps applicants get ahead of the pack. Job seekers who talk with others about their searches often find out about positions or get resumes in front of hiring managers even before job openings are advertised.

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