Five Smart Moves To Make Before A New Career

Changing careers is an intimidating prospect that requires courage. There are so many unknown variables and often people don’t know how to begin. For those ready to take the plunge, the following tips can make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Don’t Obsess Over Negative Things

When preparing for a career change, focus on the positive. Approach your search with the same can-do attitude that you will bring to your future job. Instead of dwelling on past mistakes, highlight your hard earned skills and achievements. Everyone remembers a project that didn’t go as planned. Recognize those moments for the valuable learning experiences they are and that knowledge will translate to confidence during the interview process.

Create A Plan

Before embarking on a search, job seekers should assess their qualifications in order to brainstorm possible opportunities. Research which industries require your strengths, and conversely consider which of these might be the best fit for your own interests and values. Taking the time to carefully consider both your skills and that of a prospective employer will help ensure that your new job is a happy fit for employer and employee alike.

Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

More companies are converting to contemporary managerial styles such as a team structure where groups of employees are empowered to make decisions with less oversight. Job seekers who desire a less traditional work environment can benefit from exciting opportunities; so don’t be afraid to showcase your interpersonal skills via cold pitches or creative applications.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when searching for a job. Job seekers often apply for open positions and then wait for interviewers to call; but successful applicants treat the search as their job. Set consistent contact goals for each day and stick to them until you get the job done.

Be Memorable

Treat your resume and cover letter as your first and most important job assignment. Use premium paper, and remember to proof for grammatical errors. Craft resumes and cover letters that stand out from the crowd, allowing personality to shine though while tailoring your effort to the specific company being addressed. Ensure online profiles include relevant key phrases so hiring managers and recruiters can find you, but create a memorable narrative to help them remember you once they arrive on the page.

No one ever said changing careers was simple, but job seekers can avoid making it more stressful than necessary. Be confident about your skill-set, make a plan and follow it consistently, take actions to stand out from the other job seekers, and you have a chance at the job of your dreams.

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