What Every CEO Should Know About Cybersecurity

Technology is rapidly modernizing the way companies do business and with the rise of employees working remotely, organizations need to work even harder to keep their data secure. The business world can see over 200,000 security events every day, which is why cyber security should be at the top of every CEO’s list.

Loss of data can threaten a company’s reputation and lead to lower profitability. CEOs must be proactive and work with management and the IT department to stop threats before they occur. Through prevention, quick detection, and rapid response, companies can help mitigate these attacks.

Update Passwords & Programs

Using encryption, strong passwords, firewalls, and secure log-ins can go a long way toward preventing cyber threats. Also, creating an additional step of I.D. verification with a two-factor authentication process can provide extra protection for sensitive data.

Internet Monitoring

Any data that is being transferred or stored outside of the office or sent over the Internet should be encrypted. Also, firewalls, network access control, and antivirus protection can only go so far in today’s world. An identity and access management system should be a central point of any successful security program.

The IT Department

Sharing internal security protocols with management and the IT department is crucial to a successful strategy. In some companies, data security is exclusively under the domain of the IT department. CEOs need to be in the loop so that security can remain at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

The theft of intellectual property from businesses is a growing concern. When technology and sensitive internal communications are acquired from companies, it can compromise their ability to do business. By staying vigilant about new types of attacks and adapting as needed, CEOs can successfully protect their business.

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