Five Traits IT Managers Should Always Have

IT managers are responsible for maintaining and implementing a company’s technical infrastructure. They may direct a group of developers and provide technicians with tasks to complete or meet with business-side staff about issues with software or applications. What it means to be an IT manager today is different from what it was five years ago.

IT managers must understand that the key to success in their department is based on effective communication and the proper delegation of tasks. Below are five skills that IT managers need to show success in:

1. Ability to Assess Needs

IT managers must be able to look at the specific requirements of the company and its employees to develop practical network solutions. They may research strategies or technical solutions and build a system that works to achieve these goals over time.

2. Ability to Create a Vision and Plan

IT managers must see the big picture and understand how extraneous details and individual problems impact the overall outcome. When problems arise, they must devise a solid, organized plan that leverages department resources without affecting productivity.

3. Ability to Focus Resources

Leaders in IT must understand their team’s strengths and weaknesses and assign tasks based on that information. Some developers may be skilled at providing upgrades to support systems or creating UI components. Others might be better suited for maintenance or to ensure the business’ technology operates smoothly each day.

4. Ability to Manage Projects

The ability to devise a plan from start to finish and incorporate the views and expertise of colleagues who will use that application is essential to success. This involves devising an appropriate timeline for completion and following up throughout the process to ensure the work is completed on time.

5. Ability to Track and Measure Performance

Successful IT managers put protocols in place for evaluating employee performance based on several factors related to quality, production, attendance, and overall performance on the job. Being able to provide positive and constructive feedback is important in maintaining team morale and ensures that employees are best equipped to meet the business’ goals.

IT managers can be quite effective in their positions if they possess these five qualities. Solid leadership skills help managers contribute to the overall success of the business and ensure that employees have the ability and guidance required to succeed.

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