What Does The New Generation of Millennials Want from their Careers?

It is expected that the current generation of millennials will make up 48% of the workforce by the year 2020. Many are wondering what exactly these millennials are looking for in their careers, especially since many of them stay at one job for fewer than three years at a time. Read on to find out what this new crop of young workers want from their current or future employers, regardless of their industry or chosen field.

Opportunities for learning and growth

Compared to baby boomers and Gen-Xers, millennials have rated the chance to learn and grow in their occupations as extremely important. Especially since many of these millennials are recent college graduates, they think of their current roles as stepping stones in the growth of their careers.

Highly qualified managers

Millennials want to work for managers that are knowledgeable and who are invested in their employees’ development, which is not much different from other generations of professionals. Millennial workers want to be able to learn from leaders who are more experienced and can help foster their career growth.

Overall compensation

While this applies to any group of employees, compensation is highly rated among millennials as an important factor for their chosen careers. The prevalence of student debt coupled with the desire to live an independent lifestyle means that compensation is an important consideration for millennial professionals.

Organization is a fun place to work

Millennials have rated work-life balance as an important component to their careers. In a recent survey, 88% of this generation reported wanting to find a workplace that was “fun and social,” a much higher proportion compared to just 60% of baby boomers. Many millennials see their job as an opportunity to expand their social circle.

Informal work environment

When searching for a new job, millennials look for a flexible work environment, such as whether or not the company allows work-from-home days or versatile hours beyond the typical 9-to-5 grind. They tend to view work as the output of what they do, and not the number of hours spent in an office.

It is important for HR managers and other hiring professionals to keep these points in mind when considering job applicants, as many candidates are likely to be part of the millennial generation. A company that meets many of these factors is sure to attract a talented pool of job seekers.

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