How Millennials Are Changing These Three Major Industries

Millennials are individuals that came of age in the early part of the 21st century; definitions of this generation vary, but typically include people born as early as 1982 through as late as 2004. The group is known for their facility with technology — many of them do not remember a time before smartphones — and desire for diverse experiences over material wealth. Millennials bring these traits and more into the workplace thus, having an effect on many industries including hospitality, information technology, and health care operations.


In general, millennials appreciate encouragement in the workplace, so they tend to look for opportunities where coaching and mentorship occur. Younger employees in a restaurant or cafe job may expect supervisors to take the time to provide advice that helps them prepare for their career. Opportunities for long-term growth are a plus for millennials, but won’t necessarily guarantee that they remain with the same organization for years. In order to bolster millennial retention, hospitality companies must look to training and educational programs to attract these bright young workers.

Information Technology

The millennial workforce is changing information technology from within and without. Across all departments, millennials are seeking flexible employment models. That means they may not be working traditional 9-to-5 schedules, and could require technical support during the evening, late-night, or weekend hours; organizations are currently working to meet these demands. Inside IT departments, millennials are looking for a better work/life balance than previous generations opted for. While that may mean less total hours worked per week, these younger employees are often happy to work from home or outside of normal office hours, allowing technical departments to be more responsive than they have been in the past.

Health Care

Millennials often look for a workplace that not only has a positive impact on their own lives, but the lives and well-being of our society in general. Younger professionals may elect to work for organizations with missions they support, even if the pay and prestige is relatively low. To attract the best employees, health care organizations are making changes to their mission, vision, and value statements — and as millennials rise in the ranks, organizations are re-focusing their visions toward cultural and social issues, rather than the bottom line.

Millennials are changing workforces across all types of industries. To remain competitive, companies must learn what motivates these young professionals, and rework their hiring and management strategies.

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