Four Reasons Why the IT Department at Work is Important

The IT department is a critical component of any large company, and nowadays, an increasing number of small and mid-sized businesses are acquiring internal technical staff. The job of these professionals is not limited to just keep computers working in every cubicle. In reality, the role of IT has expanded to include data management, security, governance and supporting the overall infrastructure.

For many organizations, something as simple as a routine communication procedure, would not be possible without the work of the IT department. In companies that operate on proprietary systems, the workflow would come to a standstill without programmers, IT admins, database managers and other technical staff. Here is a look at four specific reasons why the IT department is important in any infrastructure:

Data Management

With so much data stored in digital locations — both locally and on the cloud — IT departments play a critical role in securing sensitive information and ensuring accessibility when a business calls for it. This has become even more essential with the increase of AI and Big Data processes almost across every industry.

Securing the Environment

The IT department’s job is not just to secure information; it also keeps the infrastructure and networks safe. Cybersecurity is the main component of IT’s work today, and even in small companies, the technical staff has to be adept at managing defenses against hacks, spyware, and malware. Some IT departments also delve into physical security, taking charge of admin management for key access.

Office Infrastructure

Businesses cannot just place computers on everyone’s desk and push out the work. Computers have to be connected to each other, to the company network and, usually, to the external internet. IT departments handle the enormous task of ensuring connectivity, but they also work to create stable, up-to-date digital environments. That means keeping server rooms correctly scaled, managing bandwidth, and installing routers and other devices when necessary.


The IT department often works in conjunction with compliance, legal and other entities within an organization to safeguard secure information. In efforts to protect everyone from theft and to secure the company’s branding, the technical staff designs sound processes and solutions that keep customer’s financial and business data confidential.

The IT department is often heavily involved in managing communications in a modern office. From e-mail and SMS messaging to video conferencing and VPN access, communication is increasingly handled via computers. Without good IT staff, organizations put productivity, security, and branding at risk.

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