How Positive Reinforcement in the Workplace Can Lead to Healthy Working Habits

Utilizing positive reinforcement within the workplace encourages individuals to continue to work harder, achieve productivity goals, and continue to meet desirable standards. The goal of positive reinforcement is to inspire a person to continue to perform a task in a favorable manner. The company benefits from seeing a better outcome on a more consistent basis, which helps them better reach their goals.

How Managers Can Use Positive Reinforcement

Implementing positive reinforcement is all about consistency. Managers who utilize it must do so on a regular basis to achieve the desired result. The key is to provide positive words, actions, or rewards to a person who performs a task properly. Here are examples of ways that managers can implement it:

• Provide positive, verbal praise after an employee accomplishes a difficult task on time.

• Employers can provide a pay increase or a bonus when specific achievements are met.

• An employer can offer an employee who works late an extra day off with pay.

• Thank and smile at workers who complete tasks according to the goals set.

• Establish a rewards system for employees who complete extra projects on time.

The most important part of the process is to provide the same outcome and reinforcement on a regular basis. This type of consistency will create a link in an employee’s brain. Perform well and the employee knows what to expect.

Make New Behaviors from Positive Reinforcement Last

To make positive reinforcements last, it becomes critical to establish guidelines and follow through. To achieve this, managers should be very specific about what will happen when the goal is achieved. He or she should always provide very specific information about what the individual did right. It’s more important to say “Thank you for completing this a day early,” rather than saying, “Good job.” This established a specific result for the actions taken.

Additionally, employees should be shown genuine appreciation for their achievement. Provide realistic and measurable reinforcement, managers can personalize it to fit the needs and benefits of the individual. It is also important for managers to be on the same page with the actions to ensure there is consistency across the board.

Employees given positive reinforcement consistently continue to achieve the goals set before them. Most importantly, they will continue to perform at improving levels on a regular basis.

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