Three Smart Questions to Ask In Your Next Interview

An interview with any potential employer is probably one of the best ways for a candidate to make a great first impression while simultaneously showcasing specific talents. For the employer, it is an opportunity to find the best possible candidate for the job at hand.

What an interview is not, is a one sided interrogation session where the employer asks a slew of questions and the candidate is limited to providing basic answers likely to have already been covered in his or her resume. Quite the contrary, by allowing both sides the opportunity to receive more detailed answers, many doubts can be cleared up before they become a greater issue.

Because of this, it is important that a candidate be prepared with questions that will delve deeper into the type of skills the employer is looking for to effectively fulfill the job. Questions that are asked to this end should not be closed to expansion, and should give the interviewer enough freedom to answer in the most detailed manner possible, such as the following:

• Can you give me more detail about the position’s responsibilities? Probably one of the most important questions to be asked, it is here where the potential employee will receive as much information about the position’s responsibilities. This will help performance and will lessen the risk of committing mistakes due to overreach. It will also help the interviewer determine if the candidate possesses the necessary skills to capably carry out the job.

• How can I quickly become a strong contributor within the organization? By asking this question, the candidate shows a sense of drive that can be beneficial to the business as a whole. Drive and ambition, when expressed appropriately, will create a lasting impression while providing the candidate with a good roadmap to success and permanence within the company.

• What makes you think I will be successful in this job? What causes you concern about my candidacy? These two questions will effectively place the cards on the table. The interviewer will reveal the areas or skills the candidate is strong in, as well as those that show weak points. It also provides a glimpse into the interviewer’s impression of the candidate, which can help determine the possibilities of landing the job.

Asking smart and well-thought-out questions during an interview is as important as presenting a good resume, and can work to your benefit in a number of ways. Not only will you receive clarity on any doubts you could have, but you will also get the most direct answer from the person who matters most: the employer.

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