How To Attract the Best Talent in Tech

The tech space is a competitive arena. Not just for the candidates vying for jobs with Silicon Valley giants, but also for all of the companies that are looking to find and hire top talent.

While the demand for tech workers is at a record high, there’s a shortage of qualified candidates to fill the open positions. As a result, the scripts have been flipped and employers are now being challenged to get creative and stand out from the crowd.

Besides the obvious compensation and benefits, the following strategies can help management attract and retain the best of the best.


Company culture is a big consideration for technical talent. Create a unique and dynamic work environment that will attract the people you want on your team and make sure to point it out as a highlight with potential candidates.

A 2017 ‘Tech Hiring and Retention’ survey from Harris Allied reported that the three most important elements of great culture are a creative and fun environment, being innovative and industry leading and having the opportunity to work on interesting projects.

“At the end of the day, an employee won’t change jobs solely because they are being offered a few thousand dollars more or more PTO. Companies that offer exceptional corporate culture and are well positioned in their industries are highly desired by job seekers,” said Kathy Harris, Managing Director of Harris Allied.

Opportunity for Impact

Jamey Jeff, CEO of Remarkable Hire, wrote, “Above all, top tech talent wants to know that when they join your company, they’ll be a key asset.”

As you’re recruiting, highlight the importance of the position within the company and communicate about opportunities for recognizable contributions – sooner rather than later. According to a Business Insider article, leading tech candidates want to work for companies where they can create new things and have a “real and immediate impact.”


Since many tech and development roles aren’t customer facing, candidates often look for flexible or remote opportunities. According to Entrepreneur, “Companies without formalized programs will find it difficult to compete for top talent because job satisfaction is positively linked to employees’ access to flexible work options.”

As long as management establishes accountability, flexible environments benefit companies more than the employees. Findings show that if done correctly, employees who have access to flexible plans are “healthier, happier and more productive” than their counterparts.

Offer a flexible work program for your employees to encourage work-life balance while increasing productivity and attracting top talent – make sure to promote the perk as you’re recruiting!

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