Responding To The Salary Privacy Bill

What Is The Salary Privacy Bill?
Staying up-to-date with new legislation may be difficult, but there are specific laws you may want to note! The new Salary Privacy Bill, which was recently passed in California, is of great importance for both employers and job-seeking candidates.

This new piece of legislation makes it illegal for employers to ask candidates their previous salary and benefits. Employers may still ask candidates what they expect to make in their new role, and if asked, must inform candidates what the pay scale is for their potential position. This gives employers an idea as to what their candidates are expecting to make, and gives candidates knowledge of the high and low ends of compensation for their new position.

The Purpose?
This bill was put into effect in order to support wage equality. Those who have made lower wages in previous roles will no longer be compensated less in future positions. This piece of legislation hinders any type of earnings ceilings that may have existed previously.

What does this mean for employers?
According to a recent article from CNBC, there are still legal ways to ask candidates their salary information. Candidate’s can still disclose their previous salary if they choose to without being prompted, and employer’s may still ask about a candidate’s salary expectations in their potential role. It is important to note that employers can legally ask employees to disclose their salary history after an offer is made.

What does this mean for candidates?
No need to worry if you are asked about your salary during an interview, it’s all part of the process! Simply make sure to keep the conversation focused on the position you are interested in. Be sure to highlight why you feel you are qualified, why you would be a beneficial addition to the team, and that you are enthusiastic to be considered.

You are able to state what you expect to make within the pay range provided to you. Don’t hesitate to discuss your salary expectations, and where you expect to fall within the salary range your employer provides you.

It is never a bad idea to stay current with new laws and legislation that affect the Staffing Industry. Whether you are an employer or a candidate, it’s always in your best interest to be up-to-date and well prepared for any interview.

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