How A Recruiter Can Help You Grow Your Career

You can never have too many resources when it comes to building a professional network; whether you are happily employed or job searching it is always important to surround yourself with positive influences.

Do you ever feel like you have tried every option, but still can’t quite get your foot in the door with specific companies? Taking the opportunity to allow a recruiter to cultivate your career may be the perfect solution.

Market Knowledge

Recruiters spend endless amounts of time learning different job markets and building relationships with their clients. According to Careerbuilder, due to the fact that recruiters are frequently keeping current with job markets, they are able to attain perspectives very different than those of a job seeker. They are then able to take all of their valuable market information, along with information provided to them from clients, and share with their candidates exactly what companies are seeking. This leaves candidates with insight on specific industries/companies, the necessary skills needed for the positions they are seeking, interview tips, and unique points to include on their resume to set them apart. Market knowledge also helps candidates narrow down exactly the type of company they want to look for positions in that best fit them in terms of work/life balance, pay scales, and benefits.

Effective and Efficient

We all know job searching can be quite the time consuming, anxiety building event. It can become monotonous sending countless blind emails to hiring managers you have no personal connection with, and never knowing if you’ll receive response. However, candidates that take the time to build one, solid relationship with one recruiter find themselves getting their foot in the door to multiple companies with much more ease.

Recruiters may even be able to present positions to candidates that companies have not posted yet. It is shown in a recent article, that since recruiters have already taken the time to build extensive relationships with their clients, they are able to present reputable candidates that are already pre-screened and qualified. This saves companies time and money sourcing, and allows candidates from staffing firms to have priority as they are more likely to be a good fit. Recruiters are also able to give feedback after each interview, which candidates can learn and benefit from moving forward.


Recruiters are the key to candidates having the opportunity to attend multiple interviews, as well as hiring and on-boarding them efficiently in order to secure new positions as quickly as possible.

Investing time into building a professional relationship with a recruiter is an excellent way to catalyze your career. The invaluable knowledge they are able to provide benefits candidates who are both happily employed and job searching.

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