Artificial Intelligence Works To Optimize The Hiring Process

Artificial Intelligence has made incredible strides within the staffing industry making sourcing, interviewing, and hiring candidates more efficient than ever.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Benefit The Staffing Industry?

The use of AI, in terms of sourcing and hiring candidates, allows a company’s workforce to be significantly more efficient and effective. AI allows candidates quicker access to information as well as recruiters the ability to quickly find qualified candidates and begin building relationships with them.

What Does This Mean For Recruiters?

According to a recent article by SHRM, AI tools have been developed to help recruiters move efficiently past the tedious aspects of sourcing. These tools will ask and answer any questions candidates may have on pay scales, company culture, benefits, etc. 24/7 in order to save both recruiters and candidates time throughout the hiring process. Specific tools have also been developed to assist recruiters in prioritizing requisitions by analyzing which ones will be more difficult to fill based on ongoing patterns within the industry. This data is collected non-stop, allowing recruiters up-to-date staffing patterns at anytime. Furthermore, video interviewing platforms have been developed with the use of emotional recognition software to assist recruiters in understanding the personality of each candidate. This allows for video interviews to take place of initial in-person interviews, and saves candidates and recruiters significant time.  According to a Ladders article, once the right candidates are selected, automated onboarding allows for easy organization of documents while also automatically sending important updates to candidates throughout the process. Essentially, mundane tasks have become automated and recruiters can focus on the candidates themselves.

What Does This Mean For Candidates?

AI allows candidates much quicker access to the information they find most beneficial when searching for jobs; candidates can now quickly determine if a specific company is a good fit for them prior to beginning the interview process. AI also allows more qualified candidates more direct accessibility to recruiters and hiring managers, which allows resumes and emails to be viewed and responded to in shorter time frames.According to a recent Forbes article, the overall experience for candidates benefits from AI, as recruiters have much more time to focus on building relationships with specific candidates rather than spending the majority of their time attempting to analyze large pools of resumes and applications.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Staffing

AI will continue to allow recruiters and hiring managers the ability to streamline their work while also increasing productivity. The increasing number of new tools and platforms will work to reduce bias among candidates, while saving both recruiters and candidates valuable time and energy. As their workflow becomes more automated, hiring managers will be able to focus more of their time on building relationships with those who are most qualified-leading to a happier candidate experience and satisfied expectations from clients.


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