Retain Your Best IT Talent

Retaining the best talent seems to be a growing issue within the world of Information Technology. Employees seem to be less interested in salary numbers, and increasingly interested in opportunity for career growth, work/life balance, and so on. So how do you keep your best IT Talent?

Create Learning Opportunities

Providing employees with the opportunity to learn is an effective way to keep them both encouraged and engaged at work. If employees are constantly acquiring new soft skills, new software knowledge, and exposure to new programs they are not only able to add value to the company but will feel more inclined to stay focused and engaged.

Provide Career Growth

In a recent LinkedIn Learning article, it is stated that about half of technical employees quit their current job due to lack of career advancement. Likewise, about half of technical employees also joined their company due to the possible career growth opportunities. Creating opportunities for employees to advance increases employee engagement and improves retention rates, while also allowing the company to grow with experienced talent.


According to LinkedIn Learning, IT professionals receive 2x the amount of InMails than the average user. It is also stated that 3 out of 4 professionals think working with their manager is the worst and most stressful part of their day. It requires good leadership to create learning and career advancement opportunities for their employees. It also requires  leadership to provide beneficial feedback to employees, as well as delegate projects according to employee skills. Lack of  beneficial leadership, regardless of opportunity presented to employee, is a common way to lose valuable employees.

Lasting Impression

Millennials are currently staying at their first jobs for less than one year. According to a Forbes article, a good way to retain them is to give them the opportunity to understand the future of the company, and exactly what their part in that future is. If an employee can understand the company is leaving a lasting impression on a specific industry or product, they are more likely to remain engaged and focused.

Taking the necessary steps to improve IT retention rates within your company is beneficial to not only individual employees, but the company as a whole. As employees become increasingly engaged and motivated, productivity levels as a whole company are likely to increase as well.


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