How To Recruit & Retain Millennials

Millennials now make up a considerable portion of the workforce, which means many workplace standards are being refined to recruit and retain this new generation’s talent. For the most part, millennials tend not to favor prior workplace norms; this leads employers to adjust standards in turn for increased employee productivity and engagement.

Stability, Mobility, & Meaning

Unlike previous generations, a millennial’s ideal position isn’t defined by having their own cubicle to sit in from 9-5, Monday-Friday. Millennials are often more satisfied with their career when given the opportunity to continuously learn and grow by putting new knowledge into practice. This can be done by providing courses, webinars, and social networking events for employees to attend. A recent LinkedIn article makes a good point when addressing the topic of millennial entitlement- most millennials are not asking for brand new roles 1 year into their career, rather they are asking for new ways to grow and develop with the company. Millennials are eager to increase their productivity and involvement when given the opportunity to take on new tasks.

Retention rates seem to fall when millennials are given repetitive, entry level work for extended periods of time. As stated in a recent article, an effective way to retain millennial talent is to allow them to collaborate in teams or lead small projects. Millennials are more inclined to stay engaged when they feel their work has meaning, and they are contributing to a common company goal wide goal.

Work/Life Balance

Millennials are the first generation to have grown up being completely surrounded with technology, meaning, it comes very natural to them. That being said, given the immense technology we readily have available, the standard 9-5 in an office doesn’t seem to make sense when some work can easily be done remotely. According to Forbes, 77% of millennials say that flexible work hours would make the workplace more productive. Since many millennials favor flexibility over pay, the careful blend of work life and personal life is of great importance. If they are able to work in a favorable environment chances are they will be much more engaged and productive, while also increasing retention rates.

Due to the growing number of millennials continuing to enter the workforce, the transition away from standard workplace norms seems to be inevitable. However, embracing these changes will greatly increase the productivity and engagement of not only millennials, but employees company wide.


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