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Why you should work with a recruiter. #MarqueeStaffing

As a professional, you’ve dedicated your time and energy to honing your skills and gaining valuable experience, and you’re always considering the next best step in your career. Whether that next step moves you forward on a planned path or opens up a new field for your experience, it’s important to choose both the job and the employer who are the best fit for you. And a recruitment firm can do just that.

What Do Recruitment Firms Do?

A recruitment or staffing firm’s job is to find you a job – but not just any job.  Because staffing firms work with both employees and companies, they strive to match your skills, experiences, and preferences with a company that wants and needs the unique blend of talent and understanding that you have to offer.

How Can a Recruiting Firm Help Me?

Because recruiting firms specialize in matching the best jobs with the best job seekers, these firms bring knowledge and relationships to the table that can open up career doors you may not have considered.  Staffing firms offer:

  • Expertise in many industries.  Many recruitment firms work with businesses in multiple industries, like accounting and finance, administrative support, banking, human resources, and information technology.  Specific recruiters develop experience and connections in particular industries, giving them inside information about local job markets that can connect you to a job you’ll love.
  • A “first look” at job openings.  Because recruiters work closely with companies as well as with job seekers, they’re often the first to hear about open positions inside an organization.  These connections mean recruiters often hear about jobs that aren’t advertised to the job-seeking public.
  • Professional connections.  Not only do recruitment firms often know what’s going on “behind the scenes” when it comes to staffing at major companies, they often have professional connections with the very people who make these companies’ hiring decisions. Working with a recruiter can be a valuable “foot in the door” at a company or organization.
  • Career and job-seeking advice. Planning your career and choosing the next best step on that journey can be challenging.  A recruiter can provide valuable advice, whether you’re trying to create the “big picture” or seeking the next specific step on your career path.  Recruiters can also help you fine-tune your resume, provide valuable interview tips, and even help you find any education or training resources you might need to advance.

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