Programming Languages You Should Know to Work in IT Today

IT professionals are in high demand across the United States. Yet, IT pros who want to earn the best jobs at the top companies should consider honing their skill sets. In doing so, these professionals can put themselves in a position to stand out from other candidates in a competitive job market.

One of the best things that IT pros can do to distinguish themselves from the competition: learn the most popular programming languages. Today, the top programming languages in IT include:


1. Python

Python is commonly viewed as an easy-to-learn programming language that emphasizes readability. It is a top choice for rapid application development, due to the fact that it serves as a glue language that can seamlessly connect components from a variety of sources. In addition, Python supports a wide range of modules and packages to promote code reuse. A Python interpreter is also available free of charge that can be used across all major platforms.


2. JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language used to implement content updates, interactive maps, and other distinct features on web pages. Programmers who know the ins and outs of JavaScript are well-equipped to incorporate animate images, control media, and other dynamic elements into web pages. If JavaScript is used in combination with Node.js, it enables programmers to produce web content on a server before a page is sent to a browser, so games and communication apps can run directly within the browser.


3. Java

Although Java is often used to run games, social media apps, and other apps, it represents a popular choice for client-server apps used by large companies. Java offers flexibility, as an application written in Java can be run on any platform that supports the programming language. Meanwhile, most Android apps are written in Java or leverage the Java API.


4. C#

C# is a Microsoft-based programming language integrated into the .NET software framework. It provides shared codebases, an extensive code library, and myriad data types. C# can provide better integrity and interoperability than other programming languages. On the other hand, learning C# can be difficult, particularly for programmers who are tasked with resolving errors.


5. C

In terms of foundational programming languages, C offers a great starting point for entry-level programmers. C was one of the initial programming languages developed, and it has provided the groundwork for Python and other popular programming languages. Programmers can leverage C on any device, and the language is frequently integrated into embedded devices in automotive, healthcare, and other industries. Conversely, since C is an “older” programming language, it is rarely used in websites, mobile apps, and other modern applications.


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