Why Are Your Candidates Ghosting You?

Your business believes it has what it takes to attract and recruit top talent. Yet, despite your best efforts, you consistently find that quality candidates “ghost” you.

Ghosting is quickly becoming a major problem for many businesses, but the issue can be avoided if companies understand why candidates are ghosting them in the first place. Key reasons why candidates ghost businesses include:


1. Poor Communication

The longer it takes a candidate to hear back from your business following an interview, the more likely it becomes that he or she will ghost you. To address this problem, you should keep in touch with a candidate throughout the hiring process. Provide regular updates about the hiring process, so a candidate knows you are still interested in him or her. In doing so, you can open the lines of communication with a candidate. You can also boost the likelihood that a candidate will accept an offer from your company as soon as he or she receives it.


2. Disorganized Interview Process

Candidates will ghost a business that lacks a seamless, straightforward interview process. So, as soon as you identify a qualified candidate, you should contact him or her to set up an initial screening. You should give the candidate details about how the interview process works and respond to their concerns or questions regarding this process, too. This ensures that a candidate knows exactly what to expect as he or she moves through the interview process.


3. Unclear Job Description

A generic job description is insufficient in any role, at any business. If a job description is unclear, it may lead a candidate to apply for a position, only to discover later on that the role does not align with their expectations. When it comes to job descriptions, you should include pertinent details about the daily responsibilities associated with a role. You should also highlight relevant skills and credentials that a candidate needs to thrive in this role. If you devote the time, energy and resources necessary to craft an accurate job description, you can increase the likelihood that the right candidate will pursue the role.


4. No Brand Identity

How your brand comes across to candidates in a job description can have far-flung effects on your ability to add exceptional candidates to your team. Thus, you need to provide candidates with a glimpse into what your business is all about in a job description. You can use a job description to encourage candidates to visit your company’s website and social media pages to learn about your brand and what makes your business unique. That way, you can simultaneously attract the right candidates to roles in your company and distinguish your business from industry rivals.


Find Top Talent to Fill Roles Across Your Business

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