Avoid Sprains and Strains With These Five Desk Yoga Poses

Desk yoga poses are becoming increasingly popular for office administrators who want to avoid sprains and strains at work. If you perform desk yoga poses regularly, you can keep your muscles loose throughout the workday. Plus, desk yoga poses can help you minimize the risk of body aches and pain that otherwise hamper your ability to get the job done to the best of your ability.

What Are the Best Desk Yoga Poses?

You don’t need to be an expert yogi to perform office yoga, either. Here are five simple desk yoga poses you can incorporate into your work routine.


1. Seated Twist

To perform a seated twist, sit in your office chair and place your back against the backrest. Next, inhale deeply and lift your arms over your head. As you exhale, twist your body to the right and place both of your hands on your chair’s right armrest for support. Or, if you are sitting in an armless chair, place your right hand on your seat and your left hand on your right thigh.

Perform the seated twist on both sides of your body. Extend your spine every time you inhale, and hold the pose for up to a minute.


2. Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder rolls are easy to perform and help alleviate stress and pressure in your shoulders and chest. With shoulder rolls, you should inhale deeply and move your shoulders up toward your ears. As you exhale, move your shoulders back down. You can complete shoulder rolls in both directions, too.


3. Seated Back Bend Pose

The seated backbend pose enables you to stretch your belly. During this pose, you’ll need to sit at the front of your office chair, with your feet firmly on the floor. Keep your spine straight and lean forward. Extend your arms behind your back and grab the back of your chair. Ensure your elbows are straight, pull your shoulder blades back, and inhale. When you’re done, release the pose, and sit up straight in your chair.


4. Seated Crescent Moon Pose

The seated crescent moon pose can strengthen the neck and shoulders. With this pose, you’ll need to sit in your office chair, lift your arms over your head, and place your palms together. Alternate leaning to the left and right and hold the pose for two to three breaths before you switch sides.


5. Stork Pose

The stork pose can help you avoid tight hips and glutes. To practice this pose, you’ll need to stand in front of your office chair and hold it for stability. Keep your feet on the floor, lift your right knee, and hold it with your right hand. Take a few deep breaths, exhale, and perform the pose once again using your other hand and knee.


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